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2023 Shipped! 🚀

2023 shipped

What. A. Year.

2023 saw us come back with a bang at WordCamps, hosting events, and doing incredible work with world-leading brands. But sadly, we also had to say goodbye to some amazing folks way back in January. 

Professionally and personally, it’s been a year of dramatic highs and tough lows. Human Made and the WordPress space more widely are in such an exciting place at the moment and we’re coming into 2024 with a palpable sense of momentum and excitement for what’s ahead. 

Wishing you and yours a fantastic end to the year!

~ Tom Willmot, CEO






days parental leave
(all with full pay 👶)

My 2023 best bit

Working at a place that is supporting PHPCS and the community!”

Sander van Dragt,

Everyone coming together and absolutely smashing it after such a hard year last year!”

Zoe Hoyle,
VP Finance


coffees drunk


cups forgotten and went cold


cat-on-keyboard-related spillages

My 2023 best bit

The initiatives and progress made on our tools, processes and services through collaboration in the commercial team.”

Lorna Lim,
Account Manager

Growing enterprise WordPress in Asia has been, exciting, humbling and rewarding.”

Jon Ang,
Director of New Business

38 billion

requests served by Altis



978 million

requests blocked by firewall

My 2023 best bit

Getting our APAC team together for the first time in 3 years at WordCamp Asia & sharing in the success of our delivery teams on the amazing projects we’ve created with clients.”

Petya Raykovska,
Agency Ops Director

After an incredibly tough start to the year, I’ve been totally inspired by how people have rallied together. Human Made, at the end of 2023, is an extraordinary team to be a part of.”

Tom Chute,
Director of People Ops


pet photos


Slack messages about how cute they were

My 2023 best bit

Launching Afterburner and delivering best-in-class performance for Altis
customers 🙌”

Ryan McCue,
Director of Product

Having a big presence at WCEU and WCUS for the first time since before the pandemic. We sent a big team to both and re-engaged fully with the community.”

Siobhan McKeown,


projects delivered


new Slack channels


Slack messages posted 🤯

My 2023 best bit

Engaging on the vibrant WordCamp Community Summit 2023 was a remarkable blend of inspiration, enlightenment, and valuable discussions.”

Miguel Axcar,
Web Engineer

Hitting annual targets in month 9! There’s still time left to do more – quotas are there to be smashed.”

Adam Brown,
Global Commercial Director