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A frequently updated list of resources, including white papers, documentation, and in-depth reports.

Speed & Agility: Using Modern Technologies to Rebuild Digital Experiences

TechCrunch approached Human Made to collaborate on a redesign project and help them achieve their goals of a better performing, more streamlined CMS.

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Headless WordPress: The Future CMS 

Omnichannel and progressive solutions for enterprise, featuring case studies from TechCrunch, Fairfax Media, ustwo, and NPM. 

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Transforming WordPress for the modern newsroom

Fairfax Media wanted a technology partner to support them through their latest digital evolution.

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Starting with blocks: Reimagining WordPress with Gutenberg

Creating a web with richer, more consumable, better tailored experiences. An introductory white paper exploring the Gutenberg project.

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Talking to 28% of the web: an in-depth report on the REST API 

The REST API is one of the most exciting additions to WordPress in recent years, discover how it’s changing WordPress in this in-depth report. 

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Dealing with the causes of stress in remote teams 

Remote working is growing: explore the challenges facing distributed teams in this white paper. 

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Client Handbook: Building Open Relationships

We’ve put this handbook together to demonstrate how we work and how we build some of the world’s most recognised websites on WordPress. For transparency, we also share our entire sales process; from the first touchpoint to post-delivery.

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