Human Rights

The objective of this policy is to minimise risks to Human Made from a breach of international Human Rights standards by the company or by association with business partners and suppliers. It aims to protect the business by providing a framework of fundamental principles of Human Rights by which Human Made will be guided in the conduct of its business.


Human rights can be defined as basic rights that allow individuals the freedom to lead a dignified life, free from fear or want, and free to express independent beliefs. Human Made supports the principles of Human Rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR), the ILO core conventions on Labour Rights.


This Policy applies to all Human Made operations, including wholly or majority owned subsidiaries and associated companies where Human Made has management control. Particular attention is required by procurement functions when considering material tenders, third party contracts, business partners, suppliers and their supply chains where practical. It is not feasible to assess every supplier and the entirety of their supply chain.

While we do not have a direct influence over our business partners’ operations, we look to engage with them and demonstrate our own internal standards. Where local legislation conflicts with this statement, we will comply with the law while seeking to promote best practice through our own conduct.

The role of companies and Human Rights has no single universal set of principles. We continue to monitor international developments and adhere with best practice such as the UNDHR, ILO and UN Global Compact whilst being mindful of national and cultural differences.

Statement of principles

Human Made respects and supports the following:

The right to equal opportunity and non-discriminatory treatment
The right to security of person
The rights of children
The freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
It will not use forced or compulsory labour
It will provide a safe and healthy workplace
It will pay workers a fair wage
It will not pay bribes
It will ensure that the company’s services and products are not used to abuse human rights


Human Made employees are required to comply with our code of conduct through our human resources policies and procedures.

Business partners and suppliers

Human Made will strive to ensure that procurement functions (dealing with material tenders, third party contracts and suppliers and functions dealing with business partners (commercial lines, joint ventures, etc) endeavour to seek partners upholding the same principles through their operations and supply chains where practical.


Human Made will seek to ensure that its products and services are not used to abuse human rights. Human Made will regularly appraise the social and economic climate of every country where we do business.