Smooth, enterprise-scale WordPress migration

Website migration can be a significant undertaking, especially for enterprise organisations. But, with the right partners on board, it can be achieved fairly simply, and with no loss in performance. Learn more about how to migrate to WordPress here.

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Migrate with confidence

Need a seamless CMS migration to WordPress from platforms like Drupal, Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager, SAP, Contentful, or even a custom CMS?

With a specialist partner, a WordPress migration can be quick and painless: we’re a trusted partner of global enterprises looking to optimise their online presence and drive future growth, so you’ll know your site and content are in the safest possible hands.

Why migrate to WordPress?

Short answer: enterprise companies thrive on WordPress.

WordPress provides a robust, user-friendly, and highly extensible platform that adapts seamlessly to your evolving business needs – even at scale.

With its innate publishing capabilities, sophisticated features, and customisability, WordPress simplifies the content management process. Empower your teams to publish with ease and stay true to your brand identity.

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“The team at Human Made demonstrated exceptional technical knowledge and expertise dealing with complex elements right from the beginning. They were brilliant to work with, handling every part of the project with immense skill as well as a positive and solution-driven approach.”

Andrea Romano

Technical Lead, Aleteia

How to migrate to WordPress

It’s a tried-and-tested migration procedure shaped by decades of bringing some of the world’s busiest websites to WordPress. Here’s what you can expect during a typical migration:

1. Audit and planning

Kick-start the process with a comprehensive audit of your existing CMS, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

2. Migration execution

Sit back while expert developers handle the technical aspects of migrating, from smooth data transfer to functionality replication.

3. Testing and debugging

Post-migration, rigorous testing is conducted to ensure everything functions as intended and is ready for optimal performance.

4. Training and support

Get up to speed on your new-n-improved platform with expert assistance, documentation and guidance for your team. We’ll provide all the support as you need.

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A Drupal to WordPress migration for Capgemini

“Today, exists in multiple languages, we have an international editorial calendar we didn’t have, and we are able to feature jobs on the website easily.” 

Parker Ward

Parker Ward, Director of Content Marketing and Communications, CapGemini

Stuck on an outdated version of WordPress?

Let’s get you on the Block Editor

The WordPress Block Editor will reinvent the way you publish at scale.

Fear not – we’ll handle every aspect of the migration, from updating your WordPress version and converting your existing content into blocks, to training your team on how to use your new platform effectively.

You’ll benefit from the flexibility and ease of use while future-proofing your WordPress site. We love a win-win.

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