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Standard Chartered: banking on the future

Standard Chartered’s journey to digital excellence with Human Made

1. About Standard Chartered

With roots spanning 170 years, Standard Chartered is a world leader in international banking, with a presence in 53 markets worldwide and serving clients in a further 64.

Listed on the London and Hong Kong stock exchanges, the group combines deep local expertise with global capabilities to unlock sustainable, inclusive cross-border growth for people and organisations around the world.

Standard Chartered has a significant presence in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, where they offer a comprehensive suite of financial services across consumer, private, corporate and institutional banking.

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What sets Human Made apart is their first-in-class technical prowess and also their commitment to understanding and solving our unique, and often complex, requirements.

Their proactive support and advice throughout our years of engagement, from high-level architecture to smaller implementation details, have been invaluable in helping us scale our digital presence and platform usage over the years. We are confident that the foundation laid by Human Made will fuel our success for years to come.”

Umar Farooq, Executive Director, Global Lead, Digital Acquisition, Standard Chartered Bank

2. A Unified Digital Platform for Standard Chartered’s Retail Banking Division

Human Made replatformed Standard Chartered out of the proprietary CMS system OpenText TeamSite onto WordPress.

The project began in 2015, and over the years, we have continued to host, maintain, and enhance the CMS which was later known as UDP – Unified Digital Platform.

Designed specifically to meet the bank’s rigorous publishing workflows, compliance requirements, and user access roles, the UDP now forms the backbone of Standard Chartered’s digital presence.

Efficiently managing content and catering for the majority of the bank’s global web traffic and supporting content editors across the world, this powerful system empowers users as well as preventing fragmentation through its integration capabilities.

  • 1575 back-end content editors & users served
  • 29 markets reached worldwide
  • 90% of the bank’s web traffic has content handled by the platform

3. Continuous innovation in practice: Empowering teams and embedding efficiency with collaborative editing

With the UDP system providing a solid foundation for growth and future integrations, the Standard Chartered team were keen to continue innovating and improving. Just one example of the myriad features and integrations built on top of the UDP is the Collaborative Content Editor.

Standard Chartered’s Wealth Banking team maintained a wealth commentary website called Market Commentary Engine that was built on a proprietary in-house system. They wanted to migrate over from their existing hosting environment to integrate MCE into the bank’s UDP.

The goal was for publishers and advisors to be able to collaborate in creating publications that integrate external data and specialist commentary regarding financial markets.

The scale of the project was ambitious, due not only to the technical complexities of the functionality and the complex taxonomy and data mapping, but also the extensive amount of Wealth Publication templates and chart types that needed to be built.

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Working alongside Human Made has been an absolute pleasure. Their commitment to excellence and unwavering support have transformed what could have been a typical business partnership into a collaborative journey marked by trust and mutual success.”

Swaminathan Loganathan, Director, Web Content Management, Group Digital Banking

4. Long-term partnership: building trust & expanding possibilities

Trust is the most important aspect of any partnership, and it takes a committed effort from both sides to maintain. Our many years of working side-by-side with the Standard Chartered team meant we understood their values, aims, and ambitions well enough to offer deep strategic guidance and support – but sometimes, pushing what’s possible can be the right approach.

The Standard Chartered Digital Banking team wanted to bring their Interactive Fund Library tool from a Morningstar-hosted platform onto their self-managed platform (UDP), in line with their strategic goal of having one single CMS in the bank and preventing fragmentation.

However, the team wanted to diverge from their existing architectural frameworks to implement the new platform using the Gatsby framework.

Our strong partnership meant we could advise and help the team navigate the architectural and technical complexities involved. Through consultancy and development work, we helped the Standard Chartered Digital team architect and implement their vision.

Through strong collaboration and consultancy, we helped to steer the Standard Chartered Digital team towards an approach that both met their goals, and integrated with their existing technology. Our commitment to realising Standard Chartered’s ambitions kept key business goals and challenges such as scalability, performance, unified architecture and reduced tech debt front-of-mind throughout.

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