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Welcome to Human Made: Joeleen Kennedy

We’re delighted to welcome Joeleen Kennedy to Human Made as a Web Engineer! Joeleen has been working with WordPress for more than ten years in a variety of positions, including leading an agency front end team. Before joining Human Made, she was a Concierge WordPress Engineer for Pressable, working on projects for Automattic’s Special Projects team.

Welcome, Joeleen!

Joeleen Kennedy

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Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m thrilled to join the team at Human Made.

Technologies change over time, but I’ve found the biggest constant for success is a team of talented, engaged and empathetic people. I love how individuals at Human Made strive to be inclusive, are thoughtful and transparent about processes, and are excited about learning new things and sharing information.

I started my career in 2006 as a multimedia designer, doing all sorts of things, from brochure design and powerpoint presentations to web maintenance and flash animation. I quickly found my niche in web design and frontend development and over the years, I’ve shifted further and further toward full stack development. I’m so excited to continue my growth here!