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Ryan takes the WordPress API on tour

API tour logosRyan has been a leader in the development of the WordPress REST API. He’s recently returned from a mini-tour, spreading the word and making API connections (no pun intended, honestly) in the USA. Covering 4 events and cities in 20 days, Ryan really made the most of his long trip over from Australia.

The WordCamp and meetup talks aimed to raise awareness of the WordPress REST API that is hopefully going to become part of WordPress Core in an upcoming release and the fact that developers can start using the API today via the JSON REST API Plugin already available.

First stop was WordCamp Wilwaukee, who not only had the coolest WordCamp logo but also the wackiest speaker gifts (ask Ryan to show you his cheese hat). Ryan gave a joint presentation with Rachel Baker from 10up titled The WordPress REST API. The slides for this presentation are available.

Sandwiched in the middle of two WordCamps was API Craft in Detroit , providing a very different focus for Ryan and for Andrew Nacin, who joined him at the conference. This was an extremely useful event as it gave them a chance to meet up with the wider API community and obtain feedback on the WordPress API. It was an opportunity to see how other developers were dealing with some of the issues encountered and produced some great friends and contacts for the future.

At the massive WordCamp NYC , Ryan joined up with the substantial Human Made contingent. He gave a similar version of the WordPress REST API talk, on his own this time. The presentation slides are available.

One of the highlights of NYC was the chance to spend time with some of the core development team, focussing on the long term plans for the API. The group spent a number of sessions mapping out the pathway for implementation and future development; moving from high level goals to put in place the tasks required to achieve them.

In addition Ryan also managed to get together with the DC WordPress community, attending one of their meetups to speak about the API.

Ryan is now back home, but you’ll be able to catch him along with the rest of Human Made soon at WCEU in Sofia. If you want to know more about the WordPress REST API, you can find out more from the the WP API group and via Github.

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