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Owain speaks to the people – WP Remote case studies

Alex Moss

This week Alex Moss of Firecask and Peadig has been chatting to Owain on the WP Remote blog about how he and his team use WP Remote as part of their daily business routine. Alex, who is co-founder of the Manchester based digital marketing agency, describes WP Remote as “one of our favourite WordPress Lifehack tools”. He estimates that WP Remote saves him over 12 hours per month in time spent on site updates.

It’s lovely to hear the details about one of our products being used in real life and how it is put into action in different situations.

Linn Oyen Farley

Owain also chatted to Linn Øyen Farley from Drollic back in January. Linn is a freelance designer and developer. She highlights how WP Remote forms part of her workflow and allows her to keep track of sites once handover has taken place.

For more info about our WP Remote user case studies, check out the full articles on the WP Remote blog.