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Meet us at WordCamp Asia!

Caspar Hübinger Caspar Hübinger
WordCamp Asia 202

The first WordCamp Asia will take place from February 21 to 23 in Bangkok, Thailand, and we’re more than excited to be attending and contributing to this new WordPress flagship event!

Regional WordCamps started out in 2013 when a group of long-time WordPress contributors from Europe pursued the idea of a dedicated community event for all of Europe. From day one, the organisation of regional WordCamps would become integral to us, with several of our people co-organising a number of editions of WordCamp Europe, WordCamp US, and now WordCamp Asia.

The first flagship WordCamp for the most populous continent on earth

Asia is the largest and most populous continent; there are a total of 127 WordPress meetups  across 23 countries, with over 73,000 members. There had been 137 WordCamps in 18 Asian countries and 52 cities.

The organising team of 40 volunteers – developers, designers, directors, entrepreneurs, and WordPress users from 16 countries – is expecting a diverse audience of close to 1,500 developers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers and enthusiasts to enjoy a welcoming, nurturing, and experimental three-day event.

Human Made at WordCamp Asia

There’ll be a total of 18 of us at the event, attending, organising, speaking, and helping out at Contributor Day. Check out the event schedule and the list of attendees for more familiar faces!

On the organising team

Jon Ang

Jon Ang
Director of Sales
Sponsors team WordCamp Asia
@kenshino | LinkedIn

Shinichi Nishikawa

Shinichi Nishikawa
Director of Client Services in Japan
Venue / AV team WordCamp Asia

@shinichin | LinkedIn


Jenny Wong

Jenny Wong
Community Engineer
@miss_jwo | LinkedIn

As Community Engineer at Human Made, Jenny is a long-time contributor, advocate, and evangelist for open source projects such as WordPress and PHPWomen. Her unparalleled engagement to connect WordPress with other open source communities, as well as local WordPress communities with each other, through event organisation and public speaking, makes us proud to have her on the team every day.

In her talk ‘Growing Enterprise-ready Engineers’, Jenny will share how we develop and support the skills of our engineers at Human Made, providing practical suggestions on how to build team habits and workflow and support a growing engineering team.

K Adam White

K Adam White
Senior JavaScript Engineer
@kadamwhite | LinkedIn

K Adam is a Senior JavaScript Engineer at Human Made and a component maintainer for the WordPress REST API and the ‘wpapi’ package on npm.

At WordCamp Asia, K Adam will be exploring ‘The Past & Future of the WordPress REST API’, sharing a component maintainer’s perspective on the API project and where it’s going next.

Noel Tock

Noel Tock
Partner & CGO
@noeltock | LinkedIn

Noel is the Chief Growth Officer and a Partner at Human Made, and known for his in-depth explorations of WordPress’ future in enterprise markets (attendees of WordCamp Europe 2018 may remember his ‘Peak WordPress’ slide).

In his talk ‘Against the tides, selling WordPress to titans in Asia’, Noel will take the audience on a journey exploring how the CMS as we know it faces large challenges for big brands and enterprise, and how our companies thrive in this constantly changing market.

Petya Raykovska

Petya Raykovska
Head of Allocations
@petyeah | LinkedIn

Petya’s career is so intertwined with regional WordCamps that it would easily justify a post of its own. Head of Allocations at Human Made today, Petya has led the organisation of multiple editions of WordCamp Europe in the past; she is also the global communication lead for the WordPress Polyglots team.

In her talk ‘WordPress Beyond Borders: Cross cultural communication and the fundamentals of caring’, Petya will be demystifying some of the secrets to successful connections in a multicultural environment full of stereotypes, historical and personal baggage, and language barriers.

See you there!

Will you be attending WordCamp Asia yourself?
We’d love to get to know you, let’s meet and chat! (Also, we’re hiring!)

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