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In Parallel – The Open Source Agency Conference

Today we get to announce the second event that we’ve been working on here at Human Made in collaboration with Siobhan McKeown

In Parallel: The Open Source Agency Conference.

InParallel Open Source Agency Conference

In Parallel is a business event for people who run web design and development agencies that use free and open source software.

At Human Made, we’ve been very involved with the WordPress community for a number of years. We love being part of the community, but sometimes it means that we don’t get too far outside our bubble, meeting people from other communities. But WordPress isn’t the only open source technology that the web is built on. There are innumerable open source communities, many of which that have agencies operating within them. We wanted to meet people running agencies in parallel projects, to see what we could learn from one another and how we can collaborate in the future.

We call In Parallel a conference, but it’s definitely more than that. As well as conference presentations, we’re having networking dinners, an unconference, a social, and some fun activities around the city of Brighton. We wanted to create an event where people can learn and interact in many different ways. Each format sets the tone for a different type of conversation.

In Parallel is taking place on 17th & 18th March in the Clarendon Centre, Brighton. We’re looking for sponsors to help us make the event happen: if you’re interested in being involved drop us an email.

Hope to see you there!