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Humans in Paris: WordPress Community Summit & WordCamp Europe 2017

Ana Silva Ana Silva

Two weeks ago, people from Europe and beyond descended on the beautiful French capital for an annual celebration of the WordPress community. 1,900 people from 79 countries came together for the biggest WordPress event in Europe. And the humans were there in force!

Our Jenny Beaumont (co-lead organiser) and Milan Ivanovic from GoDaddy (Volunteer Team organiser) at WordCamp Europe 2017’s closing remarks. Photo by Florian Ziegler.

As well as organising, volunteering, and speaking at WordCamp Europe 2017, from 15th – 17th June; we were delighted to participate in the Community Summit, which took place 13th – 14th June.

What is the Community Summit?

The Community Summit is an important milestone for WordPress. It aims to move the WordPress.org project forward through a process of discussion and collaboration, and bring experienced contributors together to strategise and plan large areas of work.

Contribution pins for WordPress.org
Some of the WordPress.org teams we contribute towards.

From across the globe, contributors are selected through a careful process taking into consideration a combination of factors. These include an individual’s active contributions to the project, and their team’s influence in the broader WordPress ecosystem; as well as the diversity of location, company representation, and differing points of view represented at the summit.

Our contributions towards WordPress.org are diverse and cover a broad range of areas. Here are the humans who were invited to participate in the summit;


  • Rian Rietveld


  • Jenny Wong (also participated as a member of the Community Summit organising team)
  • Dee Teal
  • Jenny Beaumont


  • Petya Raykovska


  • John Blackbourn
  • Joe McGill
  • Ryan McCue
  • Joe Hoyle
  • Peter Wilson


  • Jon Ang

Who attended WordCamp Europe 2017?

Since 2013 we’ve been holding our annual company retreat alongside WordCamp Europe. We’ve since grown, processes have changed, and 2017 marked the first WordCamp Europe we did not attend as an entire company.

Petya (not the malware) Raykovska getting ready for her talk ‘WordPress Beyond Borders’. Photo by Florian Ziegler.

We were still as involved as ever and we’re super proud to see the number of people involved in this incredible event. We love seeing humans contribute! Here are the ones who spoke, organised or volunteered;


Rian Rietveld is interviewed by Robert Turcs of the WCEU video team after her talk about ‘Accessibility in the Age of the Headless CMS’. Photo by Florian Ziegler.



  • Robert O’Rourke
  • Jon Ang
  • Ant Miller
Ant Miller at WCEU 2017
Ant Miller serenades the official WCEU 2017 wapuu.

See you in Belgrade, Serbia in 2018!

This post is the first in a short series about our experience at WordCamp Europe 2017. See some of our favourite sessions and moments from this year’s WCEU here.