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ustwo decoupled website

ustwo wanted a decoupled, REST API-powered website with a React frontend and a WordPress backend.

ustwo is a digital product agency, working with clients to create beautiful websites, building digital products, and launching new ventures. The company wanted a decoupled website with a React front-end built by their in-house team. Human Made was engaged 6 weeks into a 12 week project to provide a solid back-end CMS with WordPress. This meant a fast turnaround time to get the first version of the website launched.

It was Human Made’s responsibility to ensure that data was delivered to the front-end via the API and that it was available in a structured, reusable format. We used our experience leading the WordPress REST API project to build a custom API that was tailored to the client’s needs. This delivered all of the data from ustwo’s custom post types.


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To ensure that all data was semantic, we produced a custom page builder that allows editors to enter content in a structured way. This structured data is output in a JSON format which makes it usable by any front-end technology.

The ustwo website was one of the first that we built using the new WordPress REST API, which at that time was still in early development. It gave us the opportunity to work with the API in a real-life situation. We found a number of bugs which we were able to fix upstream in the API.

It also altered our approach to project management; in a traditional WordPress project, Human Made is employed to build the entire website (front-end and back-end). For ustwo, we were able to focus on WordPress solely as a data collection and delivery method. The wider team, such as the designer, front-end developer, CSS developer, and Node.js developer, were able to focus on their component parts.

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“Working with Human Made was great – they got to know and understand us super quickly, and made real efforts to integrate with our team. It was hugely useful for us to rely on their specialist knowledge and expertise, which was apparent from the get-go, so that we could focus on developing the frontend. We aim to work flexibly, and we saw that Human Made promised that – for us, they more than delivered.”

— Matthew Edwards – Marketing Manager

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