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Welcome to Human Made: Sander van Dragt

We’re excited to welcome Sander van Dragt to Human Made as a Senior Web Developer! Sander started his career on the web 14 years ago, developing custom CMSs and systems automation in the education sector. In 2016, he joined a leading media publishing company to help build and support a WordPress-based platform for regional newspapers and magazines.

Sander is joining us from his home in Scotland. Welcome, Sander!

Sander van Dragt

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Thanks for the warm welcome to the Human Made family!

Web development has moved on a lot since I first started using View Source, in the days of Netscape Navigator 4 and the css-discuss mailing list. I remember waiting for the phone line to be free, so that I could connect to the wonderful web on my family’s dial-up modem. The possibilities seemed endless, with always something new around the corner! This is why I started working with the web professionally in 2005, after moving to Scotland from The Netherlands, where I grew up.

And even though we’re now dealing with mature content management platforms, always-on connections, and enormous levels of interactivity in web apps, the ability to connect to other humans and impart knowledge still is what I’m passionate about.

That focus on the humanity of the web in both, the work we produce and the people we produce it for, is why I’m excited to be working at Human Made. I’m looking forward to helping out once I’ve settled in!