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Petya Raykovska Joins Human Made

I’m really excited to welcome Petya Raykovska to Human Made as a full-time Senior Project Manager. Petya brings a huge amount of experience and passion for her work and for the community at large. From her efforts evangelising the use of Open Source in the publishing industry as the co-founder of the OpenMedia Foundation, to her experience leading client services projects at Maze Labs and through to her leadership role in the Polyglots team for WordPress itself; I’m sure you can see why we’re head-over-heels excited. At Human Made Petya joins our growing agency team and will be helping some of our larger projects across big publishers and enterprise succeed. Welcome @petyeah!

Tom Willmot

Thank you, Tom, and thank you to the Human Made family for the incredibly warm welcome!

I am extremely grateful to be joining one of the brightest and kindest WordPress teams out there. I’m looking forward to learning from all of you, growing together & helping the publishing industry and WordPress move forward.

Discovering WordPress and the people who create and cater for it has been eye opening for me and given me new purpose and direction. Thanks to Human Made I will be able to combine my passion for media with my devotion to the WordPress project and the community.

Ever since high school all I ever wanted to do was work for the publishing industry. My career started in one of the best publishing companies in Bulgaria and continued in a small agency that helped a lot of media projects to grow.

I have been incredibly lucky to have been brought up professionally by great people who also cared about Open Source and felt like family. They enabled me and gave me the freedom and support to do great work.

I think this same spirit, environment and culture is what has helped Human Made in it’s incredible growth. So cheers to that.

Human Made already feels like home. We’ll be great together 🙂