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Celebrating our incredible project managers

November 3rd is International Project Management Day, and we want to shine the spotlight on some of the amazing people who help us deliver the best value for our clients and the best experience for our teammates.

They’re the unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes who keep the wheels of a project turning. Where would the world be without the people who facilitate the planning, collaboration, and execution needed to get things done?

At Human Made, we recognise exactly how important our Project Managers are in delivering the value our clients expect and deserve – that’s why we wanted to not only say a huge thank you to them, but also to highlight what they love most about their roles.

Mitesh Pandey

Senior Project Manager

“I love creating meaningful impact and delivering business value to the client as part of my job – it is never monotonous or boring!”

Yuliana Yordanova

EMEA Delivery Lead, Senior PM

“I love the constant change. We as PMs have to update our software constantly – with new methods, innovative approaches, regular reflections, and change management. Definitely never boring at all!”

Face, Person, Human

Gareth Welton

Senior Project Manager

“Having a meaningful job is significant when it eats such a chunk of our lives, so being in the forefront of great relationships and not just organising images and text on screens makes being a PM the unparalleled job of jobs.”

Jen Laker

Delivery Lead, Americas

“I’m passionate about creating processes that enable teams to do their best by collaborating in positive and unique ways in order to achieve a common goal together.”

Photography, Portrait, Head

Diana Dvorska

Senior Project Manager

“I love that it’s super dynamic and I never have one and the same day. I also get to work with team members and clients from various industries, cultural backgrounds and with diverse and rich experiences.”

Rebekah Markowitz

Senior Project Manager

“I would say that I love getting to help my teammates. I generally care about all of my team members (including clients) on a professional and personal level, so I want to help them succeed on both their projects and professional goals in whatever ways I can.”

Krupal Lakhia

Project Manager

“I enjoy being part of the project plans, execution, and end-product delivery. It’s always great to see a client’s vision or idea converting to reality in a digital form. I enjoy helping team members and clients to achieve their end goals. Being a project manager each day comes with a new challenge or new success and it always helps to learn new things.”

Steph Ashmore

Senior Project Manager

“I get the satisfaction of knowing that I’m working towards making each member of my team’s 9-5 just a bit more enjoyable and fun! I’m proud to be part of helping them look forward to doing their jobs.”

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