Freelance with Human Made

Work with Human Made as a freelancer

If you are an experienced engineer or project manager we’d love to talk to you about working with our team on some of the biggest WordPress projects in the world.

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Senior Project Manager

“Working for HM felt like I was in a team and it didn’t matter if anyone was freelance or permanent. It felt like we were all in it together.”

Hazlitt Eastman

Hazlitt Eastman

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Full stack engineer, technical strategist, UK

Freelancing for Human Made

Whether you are a freelancer or a permanent member of the team, we want all Humans to have a fantastic experience, and benefit from Human Made’s people focused approach to work.

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Gain experience working in an agency, without a long term commitment

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Work alongside some of the WordPress industry’s top engineers

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Access to watercooler channels which will open up plenty of opportunities to network with other WordPress peers at Human Made

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The opportunity to explore Human Made with the potential of becoming a full-time employee

“Joining HM as a PM freelancer was my first experience with remote work. I had my concerns before the project started, however I quickly realised that Human Made has all the right process and tools to make remote teams work with great efficiency. The onboarding was excellent and I never felt lost in the process or unsure what is expected of me. 

The HM team is experienced and passionate about building the web and the company culture is friendly and supportive!”

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Kalin Kolevski

Project manager, Bulgaria

The freelancer experience at Human Made

We recorded a special episode of our internal podcast with some of our team who previously freelanced with us. We discuss how we work with external contractors and freelancers, and what you can expect if you join our freelancer network.