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Making use of the WordPress REST API Infrastructure

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WordPress 4.4 was released and it shipped with infrastructure for the WordPress REST API. As a company, we are invested in developing this great WordPress feature and we love using it on client projects.

Using the WordPress REST API in production

If you’re wondering how you can leverage this new feature, we have an interesting example for you. We recently worked with digital product studio, ustwo (you know, the people behind the amazing Monument Valley), on a project which uses the REST API infrastructure.

WordPress back end + JavaScript front end

ustwo wanted a decoupled website, with a WordPress backend and an app-like frontend built with React. They brought Human Made in to build the WordPress backend and to create a bespoke API with custom endpoints for delivering data. You can read about how we created that API, structured content to make it portable, dealt with progressive enhancement, and did it all to a tight deadline, in our latest case study. It’s just the first of many powerful decoupled websites we’re looking forward to building with the REST API.

Read the ustwo case study