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Introducing our WordPress REST API White Paper

At Human Made we’re pretty enthusiastic about the WordPress REST API. Not only do we have great in-house talent contributing to it in the form of Ryan and Joe, but we’re already using it on client projects, our own products, and we’re organising A Day of REST – the first WordPress REST API conference.

Today, we’re excited to release our WordPress REST API white paper: Talking to 25% of the Web: An in-depth report and analysis on the WordPress REST API.

wordpress rest api white paper

What’s in the WordPress REST API white paper?

In the white paper we explore the concepts of the headless CMS and of REST. We talk about what the WordPress REST API is, scenarios where you might want to use it, how it will change WordPress development, and some of the challenges we’ll face.

The white paper is based on our experiences of using the API and of building it. We hope that you find some useful insights that you can use in your own REST API projects.

Download the white paper here.