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WPLDN: Ant Miller on AI & WordPress

Human Made Account Director, EMEA, Ant Miller is a highly experienced digital agency leader, specialising in client services, web development for marketing, publishing and ecommerce, sales, and account management. With one eye on emerging tech and the other on delivering outstanding experiences for our clients, he recently took to the stage in London to share our journey with AI and WordPress. 

When we deliver WordPress based solutions to our enterprise clients, the impact of AI technologies is a perpetual point of discussion. You may well have seen our previous events on the subject of AI in the enterprise: in May of 2023 we introduced the subject of AI with speakers from Elementor, 10up, and Immediate Media among others, and we followed up in September of 2023 with keynotes from both of WordPress’s founders, and insights from speakers at Digitas, Yoast, and our own Human Made team.

WPLDN: Taking to the stage on AI & WordPress

The conversation recently continued at the WPLDN group’s meetup, now reborn and hosted at Klaviyo, with a dedicated focus on AI and WordPress. One of the two talks that night were from Alex Denning, founder of Ellipsis and seasoned expert in marketing and the WordPress ecosystem. Alex has been using AI to great effect in his current business, and had great insights around the potential of the technology.

And the second speaker was myself. My talk reflected on Human Made’s journey with AI technologies over the past six years. Addressing the broader theme of sustainability, drawing from my involvement in the WordPress sustainability team, I examined the multifaceted impact of AI on social, commercial, and environmental fronts. From opportunities to threats, I navigated through the complexities, shedding light on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of AI integration.

These conversations are far from over. We welcome your feedback and comments as we continue to explore the dynamic landscape of AI and WordPress. Whether your project stands to benefit or requires safeguarding from the potential implications of AI, we’d love to learn more and see how we can help. 

Get in touch to share your thoughts or discuss how we can tailor AI solutions to meet your needs.