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Open source & AI: a perfect pairing

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One of the things I love most about working with WordPress is being part of the open source community. At Human Made, the transparency, collaboration and commitment found in OS is in our DNA – for me, it’s an inspiration as well as a network. 

As the old aphorism goes, a rising tide lifts all boats: nowhere is this more evident than in the open source community, and a perfect example of it is our collective response to the advance of AI.

AI in the open

Human Made is hosting a virtual conference on 25 May. It’s the first event of its kind dedicated to the future of WordPress in this emerging era of artificial intelligence, and I’ve been blown away by the response we’ve had so far.

From folks offering to reveal their work to the community, to panellists keen to discuss what AI means for the WordPress industry, as well as the bucket loads of registrants who just keep on coming, the enthusiasm and cooperation I’ve witnessed pretty much summarises my WordPress experience over the past decade (or two, but who’s counting? 😬). 

Showing our working 

We decided to host the AI for WordPress event because we knew we wouldn’t be the only ones developing WordPress/AI integrations behind the scenes. While we’ve been providing updates on our progress (update here and another update here, and over on Twitter), there’s nothing quite like getting together to chat, debate, speculate and collaborate on what the next chapter might look like.

The work we’re all doing in the AI space right now will inform what tomorrow looks like, and I believe we’ve got a responsibility to hear from as many voices as possible so that this future is one that encompasses everyone’s best interests. 

I’d particularly love to hear from folks belonging to traditionally underrepresented communities who are diving into AI and WordPress; as one of the first events focused on WordPress and AI, I think it’s particularly important that we represent the diversity of the WordPress community from the start. 

If you’re open to joining us as a speaker, panellist, or for a product showcase, or if you know someone who should be there, please do get in touch – your voice is important, and your thoughts on this emerging frontier for WordPress are so valuable for the platform and the wider community. Please send us a quick email to hello@humanmade.com.

Get involved

I’m really looking forward to hearing your reactions to what we’re building with Altis Accelerate, which features generative AI content and layout for the Block Editor. This is just the beginning; we’re still exploring what’s possible, and AI more broadly is making huge strides every day. 

Why not try it out for yourself? We’re offering early access to the plugin for free and would love to hear your thoughts. You can also check out our CTO Joe’s Twitter thread here for a sneak peek at Altis Accelerate’s generative AI in action.