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Join us at the Digital Transformation Conference in London

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The Digital Transformation Conference 2019

We’re excited to announce we’ll be attending and speaking at this year’s Digital Transformation Conference, ‘the UK’s biggest digital business innovation conference’, taking place in London on November 21, 2019.

The annual event organised by Roar Media features over 30 speakers from publishers like our client News UK, Condé Nast International, The Guardian, and the Financial Times, as well as companies like AXA, Twitter, Vodafone, and many others.

Agenda topics include digital workplace, tools and technologies, digital strategy and enablement, digital and technology delivery, people, culture and leadership, customer experience and journey, and product innovation.

Our own Commercial Director, Ant Miller, will be presenting on digital experience platforms (DXPs) and Client Experience: the promise of digital transformation to radically improve CX, the digital tools that can allow this evolution, the challenges for businesses wanting to employ those tools to connect with their customers, and the characteristics of great platforms that let your customers and your team connect.

Thinking about attending Digital Transformation Conference?

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What is digital business transformation?

In the pre-internet and early digital era, technology enterprises were the ones most affected by the rapid evolution of digital tools and environments – but that is no longer the case. 

Today, digital technologies are integral to all areas of a business, driving fundamental change in how whole industries operate. These changes aren’t solely technological, but also cultural, requiring organisations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and evolve.

In short, no matter what business, we’re all affected by digital transformation. Organisations are under pressure to innovate and people get to feel that pressure. Events like The Digital Transformation Conference are valuable platforms to drive conversation and exchange of knowledge among professionals from a broad range of industries.

See you in London?

In its fifth rendition on November 21, the Digital Transformation Conference has promised to go ‘beyond the buzz-word of Digital Transformation and making real sense of transformation through business use cases, common challenges, and inspirational ideas’.

Doesn’t that sound familiar? We believe it beautifully mirrors the open mindset we know from open source environments like the WordPress community, and we’re excited to contribute to bringing the same spirit to the digital business community today: to share what works, what doesn’t, why, and how to lift each other up along the way.

Find us at the conference, we’re happy to chat!

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