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Replay: WordPress for Enterprise event

On Thursday 18th January we heard how household-name brands like Harvard University Gazette, Google, The Times, PMC and more were using our favourite open source platform. These were stories straight from the people behind some of the most complex, interesting, and sophisticated enterprise WordPress builds on the internet today.

It was definitely one to remember – let’s dive back in to the WordPress for Enterprise event!

Missed the event, or just want to relive the magic? Watch the full WordPress for Enterprise event now or navigate to your favourite session using the button in the top right corner.

Just a few of WordPress for Enterprise’s best bits…

Harvard Gazette: WordPress in Higher Ed

One of the standout sessions from the WordPress for Enterprise event was from Harvard University’s Senior Associate Director of Content Strategy Aaron Baker: fresh from the launch of the brand new Harvard Gazette website, developed in partnership with Human Made, we heard how Harvard has found success in the open source world of WordPress.

“For the people who are actively building experiences and stories, either on the Gazette or curated experiences like we have on Harvard.edu/in-focus, they just think it’s such a time saver. It really speeds up the time to completion: it’s so clear to people what’s happening.”

– Aaron Baker, Senior Associate Director of Content Strategy, Harvard University

The Times: the WordPress Editorial Experience

Luke Sikkema, Newsroom Product Editor at The Times and Sunday Times, and Lisa McCann, Head of Project Management at Big Bite, chatted through The Times’ journey of transforming and automating their value chain and newsroom editorial experience with WordPress. Spoiler: it now takes The Times up to 30% less time to publish a story and 64% fewer clicks to create content!

State of Enterprise WordPress: get the full report

Human Made COO Siobhan McKeown and Big Bite CEO Iain McPherson drilled into the highlights of the first-ever State of Enterprise WordPress report, which surveyed over 100 enterprise brands across the world to find out how large-scale businesses are currently leveraging WordPress for their business needs.

“We’re of the perspective that we grow the Enterprise WordPress pie for everyone, and it benefits all of us: we really want to get WordPress into more enterprise organisations, because it is great there!”

– Siobhan McKeown, COO, Human Made

Learn more about how WordPress works for enterprise

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