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Meet the Speakers: WordPress Enterprise Gap Meetup

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What’s the WordPress enterprise gap? It’s the distance between how WordPress is seen, and how effective it is for enterprise users.

We believe that enterprise companies can move faster and deliver better digital experiences for their customers by embracing the power of the open web and open source.

​We also believe that WordPress is the best platform to enable this, and we must work together as an industry to close the gap between WordPress as a platform and ecosystem, and the needs of its enterprise customers.

​Organised by Human Made and friends, we’re hosting a meetup in Bangkok in advance of WordCamp Asia on 16th Feb. We’ve invited people who are creating and executing solutions in the WordPress Enterprise space, and we hope that coming together will inspire us all to collaborate to move WordPress forward as a project, a brand, and most importantly, as a community. 

Without further ado, let’s meet the speakers!

The speakers

Ivan Kristiano, WordPress enterprise gap meetup speaker

Ivan Kristiano

Senior Engineer, Human Made. GDE, Web Technology.

Focused mainly on content publishing platforms, Ivan is active in the Indonesian Web and Technology communities both speaking and organising events.

Flash talk: Google-docs-like collaborative editing in WordPress

Karim Marucchi, WordPress enterprise gap meetup speaker

Karim Marucchi

CEO, Crowd Favorite

Karim Marucchi was born in Rome and holds a Master of Architecture from La Sapienza University. Today as CEO of Crowd Favorite, a Digital Strategy and Engineering firm, he and his team work with Fortune 500 companies on planning and building tomorrow’s Digital Transformations.

His career has included founding multiple startups, working as an executive within the WPP Group in Europe, and has taken companies public.

Flash talk: The DXP Enterprise Gap

Miriam Schwab, enterprise wordpress gap meetup speaker

Miriam Schwab

Head of WordPress Relations, Elementor

An active member and leader of the WordPress industry for over fifteen years, as a blogger, five-time WordCamp organiser, and frequent WordCamp speaker, Miriam founded a leading WordPress development agency in Israel.

Subsequently, Miriam co-founded Strattic, which offers a headless and static way of hosting and deploying WordPress sites. After Strattic was acquired by Elementor, Miriam transitioned into her current role and is excited to be a liaison between Elementor and the greater WordPress ecosystem.

Flash talk: Enterprise Expectations: meeting & exceeding the expectations of Enterprise with WordPress

Stephane Boisvert, WordPress enterprise gap meetup speaker

Stéphane Boisvert

VP Engineering, XWP

Stéphane is a French-Canadian international speaker who’s been working in the WordPress space for the past decade.

As an experienced leader, Stéphane has concurrently managed multiple teams of engineers, working on projects aimed at solving user needs, increasing user engagement, boosting conversion rates, growing teams, cultivating talent, improving performance, and ensuring software security.

Flash talk: The Privacy Revolution and its Impact on the Enterprise

The panel

Our panel discussion is titled ‘The challenges of WordPress in the Enterprise space’, but don’t expect us to focus only on the negatives!

We’re bringing together experienced organisational leaders to discuss not just the challenges, but the myriad opportunities for businesses operating in the WordPress Enterprise space.

Photography, Portrait, Head
Noel Tock

CGO, Human Made
Photography, Portrait, Head
Miriam Schwab

Head of WordPress Relations, Elementor
Karim Marucchi

CEO, Crowd Favorite

Registration for this pre-WordCamp Asia meetup can be found here.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend! We’ll be sharing all the insights here – stay tuned for all you need to know about closing the gap between enterprise and WordPress.

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