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Humans talk: watch our #WCEU sessions 2015

Human Made Human Made

Word Camp Europe 2015 was on June 26-27 in Seville, Spain – a massive two day event gathering more than 800 people from the vast European community together.

As per protocol, it also has the larges number of humans attending than any other WordCamp in the world! And we’re not just attending. We’re organising (Petya), speaking (Tom, Jenny, Franz, Joe, Ryan), volunteering (Noel, Paul), doing media coverage (Bronson, Ant), helping out with contributor day (Jenny, Joe, Ryan, John, Matt, Franz, Noel) and generally keeping ourselves busy and helping make this event the amazing ordeal it is.

Sharing our knowledge and experiences with the community is very high on our list. WCEU 2015 had five humans speaking – four sessions during the conference days and Joe’s REST API workshop during contributor day.

Here are the videos from those, we hope you enjoy them!

Tom Willmot: Distributed, Open Source, Happiness

Our traditional understanding of motivation is broken. Thankfully the science is now clear. Explore how a culture which embraces Open Source and remote work promotes the real drivers of motivation and ultimately leads to a happy, motivated team.

Jenny Wong: Bridging communities

This talk reviews how people not inside the WordPress community view us. I brings some practical suggestions and solutions on how we can look outside our comfort zones, widen our knowledge circles and ensure that we learn from other communities mistakes whilst bridging the gap. As a result, we can make our communities more diverse and stronger for the future.

Ryan McCue: The WordPress REST API

The REST API is an upcoming feature in WordPress, allowing access to your site via a RESTful API. The API brings WordPress into the future from the dark ages of the XML-RPC API. Find out what exactly the API is, along with how to use it, and how to extend it.

Joe Hoyle Contributor day Workshop: Working on the WordPress REST API

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