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How many humans got props for 4.5?

Ana Silva Ana Silva

Since the beginning (back in 2011!) Human Made has been passionate about our continued contribution to WordPress.org. The latest release, WordPress 4.5 Coleman, counts 298 contributors and out of those we’ve counted five proud humans!

Props for ”Coleman” are given to Joe, John, Paul de Wouters, Peter and Ryan.

Our work on the REST API

Since the integration of the REST API infrastructure into WordPress 4.4, Human Made has continued to work extensively to propel and support this new feature. We wrote the REST API White Paper and held A Day of REST in London; a one-day conference exploring the possibilities of the WordPress REST API from the people making it, and the people using it.

We’ve also been having a lot of fun Making Use of the WordPress REST API Infrastructure in our client projects!

If you’d like to learn more about how to use the API in your own projects, we’re delighted to invite you to join us for A Day of REST Boston + Workshops, a conference all about the WordPress REST API that follows on from the success of A Day of REST London. A Day of REST Boston will happen on 28th October 2016 with workshops the day before (27th October) and the day after (29th October) the main conference event.

We’re proud to continue to contribute more than 10% of our company time to various parts of the WordPress project – core, accessibility, community, polyglots and design.