Fernando Schubert

Senior Cloud Engineer

Fernando Schubert

I have been in the tech industry for quite a while, started ages ago as a web developer, back then called a 'webmaster' and CSS and 'tableless' were trending new techs as well PHP OO was non-existing. Quite early in my career I switched sides from dev to infrastructure and stayed more or less on it until now, living several changes, from physical servers to virtualization, from hosting and colocation to cloud as well from virtual servers to containers.

My work experience can be resumed in two main areas, from 2003-2010 on ISPs managing the datacenter for hosting and mail and after 2010 until mid-2021 in the Enterprise IT, supporting mostly big German Enterprises to modernize their infrastructure and move to the cloud, mostly AWS. Besides the purely technical consultancy and architecting I have lead in my previous company our DevOps team and supported hiring processes for the company.

In the hobbies section, I like books (own more than I can read - and continue to get more), as well collect old maps, coins, stamps and antiques. I also like to read about Ancient History, specially Egypt and Mesopotamia as well pre-columbian Latin American civilizations, as well space exploration and sci-fi.

I have just moved back to Brazil after 4 years in Germany and relocated after nearly 12 years to a small town so still getting used to the peace of the birds singing in my front door and my view to a small rainforest section that is surviving the city growth.