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Building the Perfect WordPress Plugin Stack

Learn how to get the most out of the vast WordPress plugin ecosystem. Discover the tricks to putting together the best site you’ve ever built, the pitfalls to avoid, and things to keep in mind when curating your plugin stack.

The ideal starting point for building big websites on WordPress

  • Understand the fundamentals to navigating the WordPress plugin ecosystem
  • Fine-tune your plugin selection process and know what to look for when working on each project
  • Know when to seek bespoke plugin development over an existing option
  • Get an insight into how some of the biggest WordPress sites on the web are built using plugins

Gutenberg meets ChatGPT: an AI assistant that builds pages with WordPress blocks

We’ve already been working on what the next stages of the WordPress block editor could look like, infused with the power of AI. With this WordPress “Copilot”, we’ve made it so that ChatGPT can speak to and control Gutenberg blocks. 

The possibilities are huge. And we’re just getting started.

About the author

Fränk joined Human Made in January 2016. He’s a full stack engineer specialised in planning and delivering WordPress at enterprise scale. Previously Fränk was at Automattic, where he worked on both WordPress.com VIP and Premium Themes.