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Everyone is a marketer

Team presentation

Recently I was lucky enough to experience my first Human Made/Altis company retreat. We went to Athens for a week, and it was great.

The main highlight was undoubtedly getting to meet everyone face to face, many for the first time, and generally hanging out and spending time with people. I realise now how essential that is when you’re working fully remote.

A close second was the day we hosted a marketing workshop where the entire organisation joined the marketing team for one day.

We split people into ten groups and gave everyone three hours to go and create marketing assets, launch campaigns, and come up with ideas we could use in the future.

The main aim was to have some fun, and get people engaged and excited by what marketing can do. We thought we might get a few decent ideas out of it for the roadmap too, but we were blown away by the thought, creativity, and execution we saw from the teams that day. Many of the ideas are now incorporated into our roadmap, and you’ll see versions of them in the coming months.

To celebrate the joy of that session, we decided to release some of the assets created by those teams of makeshift marketers over a week or so on LinkedIn.

Team brainstorm

They were rough and ready. Some were funny. They were all very UGC, and they were all great, showcasing the main thing that’s amazing about Human Made: our humans.

It’s also no coincidence that that week was one of the most lively we’d had for a while on LinkedIn, with shares, interactions and site visits all seeing a great increase.

If you missed them the first time around, we collected them here too; enjoy!

Hard life at Altis 😮‍💨

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