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BackUpWordPress 3.0 released!

Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to release 3.0 and we’re now delighted to share with everyone the latest iteration of BackUpWordPress, we think it’s the best yet!

We learnt a lot from the release of 2.0, and became aware things we could have done a lot better (no more modals!), so we decided to make the design feel more native to WordPress,  Let us know what you think.

We recently also released a slew of premium extensions, several of which have become quite popular which also helped prompt the planning of 3.0. As with any good release of a new version, we’re also offering a 30% discount on our premium extensions.

What’s new?

There’s been over a thousand commits to the BackUpWordPress repo since the release of 2.0, and we’ve fixed bugs, handled edge-cases, enhanced user experience, increased performance, and given BackUpWordPress a much needed facelift. We’re pleased with the result but we want you guys, the users, to give us your feedback. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like about the new design, all your feedback will be taken into consideration. Email us at support@humanmade.co.uk with a relevant subject line.


BackUpWordPress Overview

As mentioned, we brought the design back to be more inline with the rest of WordPress, as to not disrupt the flow of the WordPress admin visuals as you maintain your site. We scrapped the tight-designed modals opening up the whole feel an aesthetic of BackUpWordPress.


We’ve overhauled excludes, making it more performant to review and exclude the files and directories of your site.

Excludes will be listed by largest file first, so usually Folders at the top. This will help you find out where the bulk of the site is.



We’ve been working on expanding documentation for the plugin as well. From basic usage of BackUpWordPress & its extensions to common issues with the plugin.

Talk to us

We’d love for users to Tweet us, email us or send us post cards!