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Altis 2: A/B testing, Publication Checklist, enhanced DX

We’re excited to announce the released a new iteration of our next-generation digital experience platform: Altis 2 features A/B testing, a new Publication Checklist workflow, enhanced privacy and GDPR compliance, cloud improvements, and fine-tuned developer experience.

Business logic to enhance workflows

Altis 2 introduces exciting new features to power improved experiences for developers and marketers with a focus on experimentation and workflows.

The new Analytics Layer boasts a web experimentation framework built on top, providing real-time statistics into website activity to give you a full view into user behaviour as it’s happening. This also enables new features to programatically create A/B tests for data points – putting experimentation tools directly in the hands of users.

The new Publication Checklist introduces a full framework for building custom publishing checks both on the backend and the frontend, creating a risk-free editorial experience and empowering publishers.

Altis’ developer experience is enhanced with developer tools now enabled out of the box on non-production environments.

We’ve also improved our Custom Documentation toolkit, enabling you to add your own documentation as part of your internal knowledge base for developers.

Altis 2 highlights

Native Analytics and experiments:
A/B testing, real-time stats, enhanced privacy and GDPR compliance

Custom Documentation:
Strengthen your internal knowledge base with documentation tailored for your development team

Cloud improvements:
An improved Altis Dashboard mobile experience

Publication Checklist:
Custom editorial task lists to prevent content going live before it’s ready

Google Site Verification:
Verify your site without codebase changes

Developer experience and APIs:
simplified autoloading; developer tools enabled out of the box on non-production environments; local server and configuration improvements

Developer resources:

Analytics and experimentation

Built on the Altis Cloud infrastructure, the native analytics layer introduces a framework to power data-driven decisions, including programatically creating A/B tests for headlines.

Electronics, Computer, Tablet Computer

Altis’ new native analytics module puts experimentation tools directly in the hands of editorial and marketing teams, enabling powerful capabilities including real time stats, A/B testing, and personalisation. It also supports enhanced GDPR and privacy compliance, ensuring you own your data and limit transfer to third parties.

At a glance:

  • Create your own custom metrics to feed into external reporting
  • Real-time statistics and overview into effects of marketing activity
  • Extensible API to enable custom experimentation
  • Audience segmentation and campaign features

Publication Checklist

The new Publication Checklist feature provides a framework for building pre-publish checks, with flexibility to fit your workflows.

Altis Publication Checklist in the block editor

Altis now includes a Publication Checklist feature built natively for the Block Editor, allowing you to ensure specific conditions are met before publishing. This enhances business processes, supporting legal compliance and helping to automate quality control. 

It contains a full framework for building pre-publish checklists both on the frontend and backend, including deep integration into the Block Editor.

For editors, the Publication Checklist supports an entirely customisable set of conditions, helping them move faster and with confidence with a workflow tailored for them.

At a glance:

Cloud improvements

Enjoy an improved mobile experience, comprehensive database logging, and more detailed status information for your deploy process on the Altis Dashboard.

Altis Cloud Dashboard

We’ve been hard at work improving Altis’ cloud infrastructure and tooling. Our deployment system now provides much more detailed information so you can see exactly how your deploy is going, and pinpoint any errors immediately.

The Altis Dashboard now works much better on mobile with improvements to our responsive design, allowing you to check logs and site status no matter what device you’re using.

We’ve also added more detailed database logging into the Altis Dashboard, allowing you to see database errors and slow queries at a glance.

At a glance:

  • Improved Altis Dashboard on small screens
  • Comprehensive database logging
  • Detailed deploy status information

Custom documentation

Build an internal knowledge base for your development team in one place, on top of Altis’ documentation.

Altis documentation

Altis is designed not just to enable great publishing experiences, but also to provide a framework to ensure projects remain sustainable in the long-term.

As part of these efforts, we’ve added documentation to allow you to use Altis’ Documentation module for your own, project-specific documentation. This allows codifying best practices and documenting custom modules alongside the built-in modules, providing a unified development knowledge base for your development team.

At a glance:

  • New capability to add custom documentation
  • Extended support to add, remove, or manipulate existing documentation

Request a demo

To request a demo, head over to the Altis website and get in touch with our Sales team:

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Let us know what you think

Altis is open source and its code (as long as it doesn’t depend on cloud features) available to the developer community. If you’re ready to give Altis 2 a glance on your local development environment, we’re keen to hear your feedback – drop us a line via email, LinkedIn, or Twitter!