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Delivering a scalable platform for Red Bull Media’s ServusTV

Consolidating disparate web properties into one centralised platform to improve performance.

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Average increase in time on page


Increase in page views


Increase in video views


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About Red Bull Media House

Red Bull Media House is a global media company, offering a wide-range of media products and services spanning TV, mobile, digital, audio, and print. With a focus on sports, culture and lifestyle content, the company delivers award-winning content through both direct-to-consumer content and partnership models. Red Bull Media House also produces and licences a wide range of live broadcast events, sporting events and feature films.

The project

Red Bull’s Servus TV is a broadcaster operating in German-speaking markets, with a viewer reach of almost 6 million. When Red Bull started working with Human Made, Servus’ content wasn’t structured in an efficient way. There was a need to consolidate disparate web properties into one central, easy-to-manage platform. The focus was to create a solution that would facilitate efficient collaboration, drive streamlined processes and deliver the client sufficient flexibility to adopt new technologies and opportunities when they came along in future.

“We’re delighted with our Altis experience: it’s made everyday processes and workflows faster, more efficient, and much, much more enjoyable than they were previously. Altis enabled a huge digital transformation in our business, helping us manage our web properties effectively and in a way which gives us the confidence to innovate and drive growth.”

Stefan Weger, Head of Digital Servus TV

Migrating to Altis

The decision was made to migrate to Human Made’s Altis platform – this would provide Red Bull with the single core platform it needed, and deliver on the flexibility requirement as Altis offers a fully-managed cloud infrastructure capable of giving Servus the confidence it needs to scale, grow and innovate in the future.

Altis - WordPress digital experience platform

Performance improvements

But this project was about more than just migration and a consolidation of web properties. The shift to Altis also facilitated a transformation in the client’s editorial processes, with saw the creation of an end-to-end workflow in the block editor to enable more effective collaboration and publishing, as well as a boost in audience engagement and performance metrics across the board. Highlights of the move included, a 66% average increase in time on page, 150% increase in page views and a 230% increase in video views.

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