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Shailee Sheth

More about Shailee

Having worn multiple hats of responsibility from writing to teaching and mentoring to Product and Platform development, Shailee has been an employee, contractor, consultant and an entrepreneur having a flair for technology and innovation. Through this journey, she founded a boutique consultancy, NewVariable, where she catered to the various technical and strategic needs of the people and hopped on to the world of WordPress, fascinated by the culture of open source. Since then, she has contributed by being a speaker at WordCamps, organising do-action events and meetups for her local community, and as a lead organiser for WordCamp Pune.

Shailee treasures her life as a digital nomad and wanders around the world whenever she gets a chance. If you mention any place, there are high chances she will babble out her checklist on what she wants to explore there. When not working, she can be found around socialising, reading books, watching movies, or figuring out the itinerary for her next road trip!