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Franz Vitulli

More about Franz

Franz’s day-to-day life at Human Made consists of several activities, all including product management / research / marketing. He was one of the WordCamp London 2018 organisers, leading the Communication team. As an open source evangelist, WordPress enthusiast and remote work advocate, Franz loves sharing his knowledge and helping other people in the greater tech community succeed. He has spoken at fairly big events, as well as niche meetups with just a few people listening. He normally speaks about a wide range of topics, including product, communication, social media, productivity, writing. hiring, remote working, and user support.

Franz is a passionate advocate of physical wellbeing as a means to sustain mental health, stay productive, and eventually achieve happiness in all aspects of life. He’s a Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner, and lifts weights regularly. He’s a bass guitar player, has a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, is a TV series junkie, and watches tons of sports—notably rugby union, MMA, football, and tennis.