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Faishal Saiyed

More about Faishal

Faishal explored the power of computer mind first in 2006, and since then has fallen in love with every aspect of it. Worked through these years as an employee, a freelancer and a contractor, he has plummeted through the depths of front-end development, back-end development and Dev-Ops. With his experience and knowledge in the field of Web and software development, he is contributing to Human Made along the same path.

He enjoys interacting with open-source softwares and believes that open source is the future of web which is built on reciprocal volunteerism.Working remotely since 2013 onwards, he appreciates his life as a digital-nomad and loves traveling around the world.

When ain’t crafting websites, he can be found picking up weird hobby projects, playing games & guitar, watching movies and drinking a lot of tea.