Welcome to Human Made: Corey Benefiel

We’re thrilled to welcome Corey Benefiel as a Senior Project Manager to Human Made! During the 20+ years of his amazing career, Corey has managed projects and programs for some of the world’s biggest brands such as Y2K, the BBC, the London Underground, and we can’t wait for him to bring his diverse experience to our growing team and to our clients across the EMEA region.

Corey is joining us from Chamonix Mont-Blanc in France. Welcome, Corey!

Corey Benefiel

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Thanks Tom. I’m very excited to finally be a fully fledged member of this company!

Just under four years ago I handed in my suit and tie, and very corporate career to take up my new role as Chief Nappy Changer. During this time I came to realise that, post nappy changing, I wanted my professional career to reflect where I was in my personal life.

I not only wanted to be part of an organisation that values its people, but where its people also value the organisation. I wanted to stretch myself in a new work environment, learn new skills and new technologies, and I wanted to have the flexibility to work remotely and for it to be seen as a productive and sustainable way of working.

I don’t remember how or where I found the advertisement for the Senior PM role, but I do remember it was enough to get me to visit the HM site, and 10 minutes after that I was applying. It was a no brainer for me!

I believe I’ve found all of the above in Human Made, I’m looking forward to being part the team and the journey ahead.