Welcome to Human Made: Priya Bhatia

We’re really excited to welcome Priya Bhatia as a Product Analyst to Human Made! Priya is an engineer and an MBA major in Finance. She has held various positions in her career, most recently as a Product Manager for a logistics startup where she contributed to raising a pre-seed round. At Human Made, she has already conducted an in-depth research project on Customer Success for Altis, and we’re truly happy to have her on our growing Product team.

Priya joins us from Toronto, Canada. Welcome, Priya!

Priya Bhatia

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Thanks for the warm welcome Tom, I’m very excited to now be a full-time part of the Human Made family!

When I was thinking about my next career move before I joined Human Made, I knew I was looking for a great Product Leadership team where I would get a chance to learn and contribute through my versatile skill set. I am so glad I came in touch with Elodie at this point and was absolutely impressed with Altis, the team and the culture. The remote set up is a cherry on the cake. ?

I recently moved to Toronto leaving behind a very regular life in India to take up a new challenge in life. Becoming a good Product Manager is my latest hustle and a part of the same challenge. I plan to contribute to Altis by advocating customer centricity in product development and learn new skills along the way.

Apart from a great learning experience, I am looking forward to being a part of a great team at Human Made that is so dynamic and passionate. I have immense respect for the great working culture that Human Made has and I can’t wait to start contributing to the growth and development of Altis.