Welcome to Human Made: Gemma Plank

We’re excited to welcome Gemma Plank as a WordPress Engineer at Human Made! Gemma decided to pursue a full-time career as a web developer during her IT studies at university. Since then, she has worked at a number of companies – most recently with our friends at Make Do – applying her amazing talent and engineering skills on the WordPress backend. It’s a great pleasure to have her on the team. Welcome, Gemma!

Gemma Plank

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Thanks Tom! I’m very excited to now be working alongside all the wonderful Humans here and getting to know everyone! Working at Human Made as been a goal of mine for some time so to finally be here is amazing!

I’ve been working with WordPress since 2015 and have had opportunities to grow at several agencies since then. I started out as a front end developer due to my love for CSS and making static designs come to life. I’ve always been pretty creative, so the opportunity to pair my passion for creativity and tech together was very exciting.

Over time, I started getting more involved with theme and plugin development which enabled me to find new enjoyment for backend technologies. I particularly enjoy creating custom backend solutions, solving UI/UX problems, and working with third-party data.

I feel that Human Made are at the forefront of WordPress innovation and development, and that really excites me. I’m very proud to now be a part of that and can’t wait to see how it affects my growth as a developer.