Welcome to Human Made: Abhishek Kaushik

We’re excited to announce Abhishek Kaushik has joined Human Made as a Web Engineer. Having worked in agencies like rtCamp and enterprises such as NewsUK, Abishek has accumulated in-depth experience with tools from Angular, React, and Node.js to WordPress. He is a great cultural fit to our global team and we’re really happy to welcome him to Human Made!

Welcome, Abhishek!

Abhishek Kaushik

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Thanks, Tom!

I started with web development in 2009 and discovered WordPress in 2012. Nowadays, I am pretty much hooked to JavaScript, trying my hand in React, Node.js, and Angular 7. I also contributed to various libraries and frameworks while working on professional and personal projects. I have previously collaborated with fellow engineers at Human Made when I was working for NewsUK – in fact, that’s how I learned about Human Made in the first place!

I live in Bengaluru, India, with my lovely wife. I love to travel, riding my motorbike and bicycle, and explore unexplored places; planning the next trip is how I spend about half of my free time. I also play Badminton and Cricket as a hobby. Big Manchester United fan!