Join Human Made as a Sales & Accounts Manager (Americas)

As one of the Sales & Accounts Managers in the Americas region at Human Made, you are responsible for jointly planning and managing the sales process, for looking after client accounts, and are jointly responsible for current and future revenue in that region.

In your sales capacity

You will work with your team to field incoming sales opportunities, qualify new leads, and guide opportunities through the sales pipeline. As the company evolves, you may be expected to pursue outbound sales. You will collaborate transparently across teams to compile estimates, proposals, and pitch decks. You’ll adapt the sales process to suit specific engagements and contribute to organisational learning by feeding back any refinements to the sales team. You will communicate the status of your proportion of the sales pipeline with the wider sales team and beyond.

In your accounts capacity

You represent the company to the client, and the client to the company. You’ll be responsible for the commercial relationship, agreeing terms, and ensuring that terms are adhered to and kept up-to-date. You will coordinate regularly with the delivery team, including the Project Manager and the Project Tech Lead, solving account-level problems and maintaining the good working relationship of the project team and client. Human Made seeks to be the trusted technical partner of every client, and you will work with the rest of the project team to achieve that goal, making the most of every client relationship.

You should develop a good working knowledge of the agile methodologies that Human Made uses to deliver projects. You should lean upon this agile delivery philosophy to sell and support the delivery of our projects, and use your knowledge of the process to provide occasional cover for project managers.

You will have to carry out administrative tasks such as dealing with invoicing and billing, sending contracts and NDAs, and ensuring a clear and accurate picture of current and forecasted financial information is available to the Operations Team.

The Client Services Team (Americas)

As a member of the Americas Client Services Team, you will use your knowledge to collaborate with your team members to produce the regional sales strategy. This will factor in the current portfolio of clients in the market, client services delivery capacity, and the company-wide growth and business development strategy. You will help to assess and identify the best markets and industry sectors for us to focus on, and collaborate with colleagues to define business development strategies that will inform the long term growth priorities for the different teams in your region. You will work with project managers and engineers in your region to plan teams for project delivery.

You will proactively engage in the ongoing process of improving the systems and processes in the Sales and Accounts Team, fixing problems where you see them and actively contributing to organizational learning. You will work with other members of your team to share best practices, and with colleagues across the company to refine and improve on processes across delivery and operations, and ensure the excellent coordination of methodologies for delivery and long term support.

The Sales and Accounts Team is part of the Growth Department, sharing its objectives and overall strategy. You will share a responsibility for ensuring that all members of the Growth Department have a clear understanding of your needs and your support requirements. You should be prepared to provide your insight into clients and markets in order to support their activities.

About Human Made

Human Made is a remote company so you should have excellent written communication skills that enable you to work with a diverse group of people from around the world. You should be able to work in a self-directed manner, addressing problems as they come up, and identifying issues in your area of work and fixing them. You should be able to prioritize your tasks and be confident about speaking up to ask for help when you need it.


  • Experienced sales person, with a track record of managing a sales pipeline from initial enquiry through to closed deals of a value above $100,000 each on average.
  • Experience of sales in a technology professional services and/or product sector.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, both internally and with clients.
  • You should be comfortable making decisions based upon partial information, leaning upon good intuition and judgement, and be able to bring a team along with you.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Diplomacy when approaching the sometimes competing needs of the client and the project team.
  • Experience and/or knowledge working with:
    • an agile framework and/or with agile management principles.
    • a distributed team, geographically distributed and communicating across a variety of synchronous and asynchronous channels.
    • a professional services agency context, delivering to clients under a range of contractual arrangements.


  • Contribute towards maintaining a healthy and growing portfolio of existing clients in the Americas region.
    • Manage client accounts in your region.
    • Be the point of escalation for client-related issues.
    • Financial reporting and client-level administration.
    • Manage the risk associated with the development and platform clients in your region, and ensure the clients’ expectations match ours.
    • Maintain an active entrepreneurial engagement with the market and with existing clients to discover new opportunities and flexibly explore how we can deliver value to clients.
  • Manage the sales pipeline from introduction through to project commencement (or loss).
    • Triage, prioritize, and qualify new leads based on their fit with our capabilities, availability, and the likely risk associated with the opportunity.
    • Manage the production of estimates, sales proposals, pitch decks, contracts, and initial invoicing.
    • Take responsibility for the relationship with the lead through the onboarding process and beyond.
    • Ensure delivery teams have adequate resources and information to deliver the project.
  • Actively contribute to improving systems and processes in the growth and client services teams.
  • Contribute towards developing and implementing the regional sales strategy.