Feel good hit of the summer



My name is Owain Cuvelier and a few weeks ago, on the 8th of May, I had a realisation which was so delightful I spared no moment in drafting this post. Before I let you in on that wee’ gem of a moment I’m sure you readers will identify with and are eager to hear about, let me tell you a little about who I am.


In the first week of January in 2012 I was offered a job I wasn’t expecting (even more pleasing was I didnt remember handing in an application). This job was to do an apprenticeship/internship at Human Made Limited, the exact title of my new position was unclear to me, so I dubbed myself a Padawan.

This life-changing offer came from little more than spending a few hours a week coming into the office where my friends work and investing a bit of my own time toying with some CSS and watching my background-color: go from blue, to red, to #92AB13.

Within this process of change code → see result I discovered small expanses of knowledge, it was a rush; which quickly resulted in my waking up earlier every day eager to get another fix, like a code-induced crack-pipe.

The Moment

So, to what do I owe the pleasure of that feeling? Well before you look at the code, a brief disclaimer!

*This code is very basic, first step level, but read on, and you’ll find out why its significant*

So, I was struggling understanding how to access data in XML when playing with the last.fm API. Objects and Arrays, attributes with square brackets, all became quite a lot and I powered through more then one headache trying to understand.

Breaking down the data was key, switching between what I was printing was invaluable to my success.

It was when I wrote this little function that I had the delight, the biggest fix I’d ever had.
This might not seem like worlds most advanced code. But the significance of this function, was that it flowed from its form as a concept in my mind to fruition with no concious effort.
It flowed so swiftly and clearly that I saw it happen, I recognised I was learning.

I hope some of you know what this is like, as it has a profound effect on me. I went on to ace the API, as well as the Twitter API,
In the same week I utilised Twitter Bootstrap, and LESS.js.

It was a fine week indeed.

The End Bit

So that’s that. My best moment on the journey of becoming a Web Developer to date!

Until next time.